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First posted:   Wed 08 Aug 2007
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I was two weeks in Greenland in summer 2007.

Uummannaq Island
Upernavik Island

Greenland is the largest island in the world, with a size of some four times France. About 80 percent of its surface is covered by an icecap – the world’s second largest icecap after Antarctica. In spite of its enormous size, Greenland has a population of only some 60,000, living in coastal towns and settlements. Politically, Greenland is a self-governing area inside the Kingdom of Denmark.

Greenland’s climate is Arctic, with cold winters. There are no trees because of the low summer temperatures. The average amount of precipitation diminishes if one travels north. Summer can be quite sunny (but not very warm), especially in the north.

The landscapes are breathtaking: fantastic rocks and icebergs! In the summer, there are fine green areas along the coast.

Economy, people
The traditional sources of income are fishing and hunting for seals and whales. The modern economy still needs a lot of financial support from Denmark.

Travel and tourism
There are numerous good websites with tourist information about Greenland. The official site of the Tourist Board is

Offshore islands
My personal hobby is “small” islands, and so I find Greenland as a whole somewhat large to explore. Fortunately, we find numerous small islands and rocks around Greenland, and the photo galleries show Uummannaq Island in the northwest and Upernavik Island even further to the north. Both islands have maximum lengths of about six kilometers and are quite interesting, with beautiful landscapes, villages and museums. And the islands are excellent base points for excursions.
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