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Falkland Islands
I visited some of the Falkland Islands around Xmas 2012

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Link to Sea Lion Island (landscapes)
Link to Stanley (Town) & countryside East Falkland
Link to Weddell Island
Link to Carcass and West Point Islands
Link to Penguins & Albatrosses
Link to Cormorants, Gulls & other Seabirds
Link to Shorebirds & Land birds
Link to Whales & Seals & Patagonian Fox

The Falkland Islands are a British overseas territoy in the southwest of the Atlantic Ocean. In spite of its large size, the territory has only about 3,000 inhabitants, excluded the British military and their families near the airport. More than two thirds of the 3,000 inhabitants live in the main town of Stanley.

The climate looks like the climate of Britain and the Netherlands, with a bit less precipitation. Of course, the seasons are reversed; Xmas is in high summer instead of high winter.

The landscapes of all islands consist of mountains, hills, and some freshwater lakes. Geologically, the islands are at the edge of the continental shelf of Latin America.

People, economy
The main income sources are sheep farming, fishing and tourism.

Travel and tourism
The islands do not have ferry connections with Latin America. Apart from cruise boats, the only way to reach Falkland is by air, either from England with the Royal Air Force, or from Chile with LAN Chile. There are various specialized tourist agencies.

I myself especially enjoyed the seals, sea lions, penguins, albatrosses and numerous other bird species, many of which breed in huge colonies. Many colonies are on small offshore islands that are often inhabited by only one or a few families, such as Sea Lion Island, Carcass Island and Pebble Island.

List of (some) inhabited islands
West Falkland
East Falkland (with the main town of Stanley)
Weddell Island
Sea Lion Island
Carcass Island
West Point Island
Pebble Island
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