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Saint Kilda
I visited Saint Kilda on 22 August 2013

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Saint Kilda is a spectacular archipelago in west Scotland; it is the western edge of a large archipelago, the Outer Hebrides. The main island, Hirta, is about 5 kilometers long and is surrounded by smaller islands and stacks. The cliffs of all islands are often called the most dramatic and spectacular of entire Britain. All islands and stacks are the remnants of an ancient volcano. The name "Saint Kilda" is a mystery, because we do not know any holy person called Kilda.

People, economy
Hirta was abandoned in 1930. Nowadays, the only "inhabitants" are some military and biologists. The life of the people before 1930 was harsh and spectacular, and has been the subject of numerous books and articles. Some houses and cleits (stone storage huts) have been restored.

Travel and tourism
Who wishes to visit Saint Kilda without a private boat, should travel to the large inhabited Island of Lewis and Harris. From there, some companies organize day trips with fast boats - in summer, weather permiting. I myself went on a cruise with a maximum of 12 passengers, organized once a week in spring and summer, website .

Island list
Stac(k) Lee
Stac(k) an Armin
and many other rocks
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