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Isles of Scilly
I visited all five inhabited islands and some others in summer 2011

Link to Photogallery of the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are in the very southwest of England and consist of five relatively large, inhabited islands and numerous smaller islands and rocks. The largest and most populated island is St Mary's with a size of about 620 hectares and a population of about 1,700. The entire group measures about 1,600 hectares (16 square kilometers) with a population of about 2,200.

The climate is, of course, not very different from the rest of southern England. However, the winter temperatures are a bit higher because of the proximity of the Gulf Stream.

The landscapes of all islands consist of hills, pastures, beaches, coastal cliffs, colorful villages and tidal flats. The islands have many archaeological monuments, such as prehistoric entrance graves.

People, economy
The main income source is tourism but the traditional income sources of fishing and agriculture have not vanished completely.

Travel and tourism
As the islands are top tourist resorts, they can be reached in many ways mainland Britain, especially in summer. The official tourist website is

I myself especially enjoyed the archaelogical monuments, excursions to or around uninhabited islands and the many birds and seals. I joined a group of experienced birdwatchers at the end of August, 2011, in an annual excursion organized by Oriole Birding,

List of inhabited islands
St Mary's
St Martin's
St Agnes

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