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Aeolian Islands
I visited some islands in summer 2010

Link to Photogallery of the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands form a volcanic archipelago to the north of eastern Sicily. The archipelago consists of seven inhabited islands and many other islets and rocks. The largest and most populated island, Lipari, has a size of some 40 square kilometers and a population of about 11,500. The most famous island is Stromboli, because it has been an active volcano for centuries.

The climate is Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers. The bulk of rainfall is in fall, winter and spring.

The landscapes of all islands consist of steep volcanic hills, many volcanic cliffs and rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. Continuous volcanic activity - such as "clouds" of gases - can be seen on Volcano and Stromboli.

People, economy
Agriculture, fishing and emigration were once the only way to survive - which was difficult enough. Nowadays, the islands are prosperous because of tourism.

Travel and tourism
In the summer, frequent hydrofoils transport people to and from the islands. In other seasons, connections are not so frequent, especially for remote islands like Alicudi and Filicudi. All seven inhabited islands have tourist accommodations but the bulk can be found on the main island of Lipari.

The seven inhabited islands are:
Furthermore, there are many uninhabited islets and stacks
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