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MY BOOK about Heligoland (Germany)
I wrote a book about Heligoland ("Helgoland" in German) in February 2007.

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Title: Heligoland, Past and Present, ISBN 978-1-84753-190-2

Heligoland (spelled “Helgoland” in German) consists of two small German islands in the southeast of the North Sea, some 50 kilometers from the German mainland. The main – and the only inhabited - island has a length of less than two kilometers but it is one of the top-tourist destinations of northwest Germany. This book contains the first comprehensive history of Heligoland in the English language, including: its unique geology (with its cliffs and fossils); its seals, birds and plants; its legends of saints and pirates; its wreckers, fishermen, hunters and pilots; its turbulent military history, from the Middle Ages to the Nazis; accounts of eyewitnesses from various centuries; many line drawings, some historic ones and some made by the Dutch artist Anneke de Vries.

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