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I visited all nine islands in various summer holidays

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Western Azores
Eastern Azores
Central Azores

The Azores are in the Atlantic Ocean, at about 40 degrees northern latitude, about halfway Europe and North America. The archipelago consists of nine large islands (all inhabited), and many offshore islets and rocks. The largest island, Sao Miguel, measures some 750 square kilometers, and the smallest one, Corvo, less than 20 square kilometers. The total population is about 300,000. Politically, the Azores have belonged to Portugal since their discovery in the 15th century. Nowadays, the islands constitute an autonomous region inside the Portuguese Republic.

The islands have a moderate climate, but in the mountains it can be quite cold in winter. There is little rainfall from June to September, the tourist season.

Like most oceanic islands, all the Azores are the tops of enormous marine volcanoes rising from the ocean floor. The landscapes include fantastic hills, mountains, cliffs, and rock formations. On many places volcanic activity is clearly visible. The landscape is very green indeed, with many flowers.

People, economy
Not very surprisingly, farming and fishing have been the primary sources of income throughout the ages. Nowadays, tourism is developing rapidly. The official tourist website is .

Island List

Eastern Azores
1.Sao Miguel
2.Santa Maria

Central Azores
6.Sao Jorge

Western Azores
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