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Nissiros Island
I visited Nissiros in October 1988

Link to Photogallery of Nissiros

Nissiros has an almost circular shape with a diameter of about 8 kilometers and an area of about 42 square kilometers. It has about 900 inhabitants. The island belongs to the Dodekanesos Group in the Aegean Sea and is very close to the Turkish mainland.

The climate is Mediterranean with very hot and dry summers. For the water supply, the winter rains are indispensable.

Nissiros is a fantastic volcano island, with a high interior but also a "caldera" or large crater that must have come into being by an explosion. In and around the mighty crater of Stefanos you can smell and see volcanic gases.

People, economy
The traditional ways of living are - not very surprising - fishing and farming. Nowadays, tourism is the main source of income.

Travel and tourism
Fortunately, Nissiros is not a top tourist resort like nearby Kos Island. However, you have to travel via Kos to reach Nissiros. On Nissiros you can make superb mountain walks. Of course, there are excellent accommodations and restaurants in the villages.
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