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Kos Island
I visited the island in October 1988

Link to Photogallery of Kos Island

Kos is about 40 kilometers long and has a maximum width of about 8 kilometers. The island has about 30,000 inhabitants. It belongs to the Dodekanesos Group in the Aegean Sea and lies very close to the Turkish mainland.

The climate is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and rainy winters.

To Greek standards, Kos is not very hilly except for the western part. It is a top tourist resort because of its many sandy beaches.

People, economy
The economy is based on, of course, fishing and farming and tourism.

History and monuments
Throughout history, Kos and its neighbor islands were the scenes of many military battles. As a result, we see fantastic monuments, from the Ancient Greeks, the Romans and medieval knights. The Knights of Saint John built strong castles but were expelled by the Turks in the late 17th century. Around 1940 the island was occupied by the Italians.

Travel and tourism
Many tourists just entertain themselves with doing nothing on the beach. However, the island has superb monuments and some beautiful cliff landscapes in the south. From this island, you can easily "hop" to smaller islands like Nissiros, Tilos and Kalymnos.
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