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Irish Islands (general & my book)
Irish off-shore islands: general & my book

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Tory Island, county Donegal;
Inishmore (Aran Islands), county Galway;
Blasket Islands, county Kerry;
Rathlin, county Antrim.

Dozens of islands and hundreds of rocks can be found around Ireland – of course, all these islands and rocks are just “outliers” of Ireland. Most of these outliers are off Ireland’s rough western shore. As the rest of Ireland, the offshore islands offer fantastic landscapes, rock formations, and monuments from Celtic and early medieval times. I have written a book with information (landscape, history, economy and so on) about all larger offshore islands, many smaller ones and lighthouse rocks: Discover the Islands of Ireland, 1999, The Collins Press, Cork, Ireland, 210 pages, ISBN 1-898256-67-5.

Interesting websites about Ireland's offshore islands:

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